Dance Class Programs

Technique and Stretch

Designed for the Intermediate to advanced dancer, this class combines strength and conditioning exercises with stretching techniques designed to increase the dancers’ technical ability in all dance techniques.

Turns and Leaps

A unique method of combining traditional warm-up and technique exercises, with the proper technique of ballet and jazz turns and leaps. Students will be introduced to specific turns and leaps at the introductory level, while the intermediate and advanced level classes will work on perfecting these turns and leaps, as well as advancing to more difficult ones. Technique includes Outside/inside jazz and ballet turns, calypsos, fouette turns, leaps, switch leaps, open second's and switch second's.


Contemporary dancing is a combination of ballet, jazz, and modern. Dancers focus on technique, expression of emotion through music, floor-work, lifts, partnering, and spatial progressions.

Street Jazz

A combination of Hip Hop and Jazz, this class brings "Video" style dance to the classroom. Students will begin with a technical warm-up and stretch and continue to progressions across the floor, which focus on technical jazz, with urban movement. The last part of the class, students will learn the latest moves of a Choreographed dance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is much more than a way of moving to hip hop music. Hip Hop can be described as it's own language, and has it's own technique and style. In this class, students will be introduced to techniques such as Puppeting, Waving, Tutting, Robotting, and ticking.

Lyrical Hip Hop

A unique combination of Hip Hop and contemporary style dancing. Lyrical Hip Hop combines Hip Hop and contemporary dance, to tell a story, and incorporates music of all pop genres.

Urban Tap

Traditional Broadway tap technique that is taught with an urban, grounded feel. This class uses pop and Hip Hop music to find unique rhythms that can be interpreted through tap.

Dance Improvisation

The freedom to allow the dancer to move as she or he feels. This class will teach the dancer expression through movement. We will encourage students from our music department to join the dance improvisation classes and play live percussion for the dancers to move to. Both music and dance students thrive from this process of creation.


Includes traditional barre and center work designed to build a beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. With sufficient study of ballet, proper technique and a strong body, a dancer may advance to Pointe work.

Contemporary Ballet

This class teaches everything that traditional ballet teaches, using modern methods. Classical ballet music is replaced with instrumental and live versions of modern pop music and today's hits. Non-traditional ballet movement is combined with traditional ballet to form a modern technique that students love.

Team Dance

This class is designed for students who wish to participate on a Junior-High, High School or college dance team! Students will learn and condition in Jumps, Turns, Leaps and specialized choreography. Students will also learn and work on Russians, Calypso, Fouette, Fouette a la second, turning tilt jumps, and more! Classes with Lea Archer will include recorded sessions to show students their progress as well as a mock tryout at the end of the semester to show students what they should work on to improve their overall score. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that student's register for turns and leaps class as well as the technique and stretch class.


Acrobatic Gymnastics, "ACRO", integrates the grace and beauty of dance, with the balance and strength of gymnastics. In combination with our cheer classes, students will study the basics of cheer and acro to adequately prepare for school cheer programs.

Combo classes

Our combo classes offer a combination of ballet, tap and Hip Hop in different variations, allowing parent and child to choose what techniques they wish to expose the young dancer to. During this early stage, the development of strength, flexibility and coordination is focused upon. The development of rhythm, coordination, and timing are also focused upon. Dance terminology is presented while dance steps are combined to music.

Afro Funk Fushion

A class that takes a mixture of African modern dance move fused with choreography from an array of funk and pop moves sey to choreography.

B-Boy Basic/House

Teaching techniques of non-power moves focusing on foot work and up rocks set to choreography.

Fitness Class Programs

BalletCORE Fitness

A perfect blend of ballet and Pilates Core, this class will transform your body into the perfect dancer body! Excercises are done at the barre and in center, focusing on strength and balance. Muscles you have never worked before will be consistently engaged during this workout, giving you a new muscular “DANCER” body.

HardCORE Fitness

This is an extreme boot camp focused on fat-burning cardio and strength building. This hour long class will get you hardcore sweating and in great shape! With a combination of pilates, cardio, and conditioning, there is nothing like this class out there! This class is definitely for those with a high motivation and dedication to getting in shape and getting a great workout.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ― Martha Graham

Dance is the physical form of expressing one’s thoughts, emotions and passions.  The benefits of dancing are endless.  Children learn social skills, build confidence, and acquire a tremendous sense of discipline.  They form bonds with classmates and develop a passion for music and movement.
We provide the highest quality dance education and training for children and adults.  Study this beautiful form of art with us and discover how dance is always evolving and changing to form new techniques and styles.  Enjoy them all!

Never stop learning.  Never stop creating.
Never stop dancing!

Lea Archer
Founder of Xelement Performing Arts